About the Center

  • May you be Safe.ChiYinYang_EleanorRLiebmanCenter
  • May you be Healthy.
  • May you be Happy
  • May you live with Ease.
  • May you be with Yin/Yang Chi.

The Eleanor R. Liebman Center was created as a memorial honoring her life of generosity, kindness, compassion, and  humility.  Ellie died unexpectedly on August 12, 2011.  She was my wife, life partner and best friend for 41 years.  During our many years together we benefited from various meditation practices.  The Center is facilitated by Head Teacher Anthony R. Quintiliani, Ph.D., LADC- Ellie’s husband.  The center is largely funded by fees and donations from people motivated to learn and utilize meditation to improve their life happiness and careers.  After her untimely death The Eleanor R. Liebman Fund for Adults Suffering from Serious Mental Illness was established to provide funds for activities supporting the inner peace and happiness of adults experiencing mental illness.  This Fund is supported through donations and is managed by The Vermont Community Foundation, 3 Court Street, Middlebury, Vermont, 05753.  This fund was Ellie’s great idea.  All donations are always welcomed.

The Eleanor R. Liebman Center is located in Monkton, Vermont, and includes various reminders (wood carvings and statuary) of several spiritual traditions.  The reminders exist for two important reasons.  First, most participants and trainees are not members of formal meditative spiritual traditions.  Participants have spiritual beliefs, which tend to enhance their comfort and dedication in training practices.  Second, most of the secular meditation practices taught at The Center have their ancient and valued roots in well-respected, spiritual traditions.

The Center’s carvings and statuary include Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama, Prince of the Shakya Clan), Laughing Buddhas, Jizos, Dragons related to Chan Buddhism of China, Tara, Kuan Yin, and Kanzeon as Bodhisattvas of compassion, mercy, protection, and liberation.  These are the Buddhist reminders.  There is also a library containing many books about Zen and Tibetan Buddhism,

The Hindu god Shiva, the conqueror of death, is present.  The meditating First Nations of the Americas are represented.  There is also an Abrahamic tradition at The Center in the form of Christian, Judaic and Islamic reminders.  In a sense, The Center is spiritually eclectic and at the same time secular in nature and practices.  Room exists for all traditions and beliefs in The Center’s activities.

The Eleanor R. Liebman Clinical Training Program is led by Head Teacher Anthony R. Quintiliani, Ph.D., LADC.  The Training Program provides discounted or free clinical training activities to non-profit organizations serving people living with mental illness.

The Center, The Fund, The Training Program exist to honor a very special person, who for many years practiced her own form of loving kindness for others.  My book Mindful Happiness, which contains many of The Center’s activities, was dedicated to Ellie’s gentle life and loving memory.